About Us


Indian Superstar is an online talent portal which enables people with different innate talents to register themselves for free and upload their talent video. By uploading the talent video you can earn free publicity as well as money based on the public liking.

Some of you might already been knowing your inner talent while others are on the path of discovering it. So, we are offering you free online space to upload your talents, be it – Dancing, acting, mimicry, photography, painting, music, anchoring, stunts etc. We are waiting for talented people to join our website to showcase their talents.

We encourage the general public to upload their talent and thus help bridge the gap between them and talent seekers. Based on the audience reaction it’s quite possible that some talent hunting groups will provide you a bigger platform, e.g., Dance India Dance. Thus, log into our website and upload a video to earn name, fame and money with your mesmerizing talents!